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We say it often — owning a Swirl Freeze machine is like having a franchise at your fingertips. With three great variations to choose from, which one is right for your food business’s needs? All of our auger blending machines are easy to use, easy to clean, and capable of creating endless varieties of delicious desserts — but they differ in some important ways, including size and mobility. Let’s break down your options so that you can feel confident in purchasing the perfect frozen dessert maker for your circumstances and goals.

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Countertop Swirl Freeze Machine

Our classic countertop-mounting unit with an optional stainless steel stand.

The original tried-and-true Swirl Freeze machine acts as a fixture in your food establishment, mounting directly into your counters for streamlined integration. With its unique dessert blending capabilities, one Swirl Freeze machine can do the work of multiple high-maintenance counter blenders and malt mixing machines, without any of the high maintenance!

As the ultimate blending auger, this appliance is an industrial ice cream dispenser, froyo machine, and malt machine all in one! Choose from hundreds of combinations of bases and toppings to blend together a fully custom dessert every time, then watch the Swirl Freeze self-clean between cycles with the innovative cyclone wash and sanitizing feature. It’s easy to use, attractive to customers, and offers a great return on investment.

Trying to save your counter space? Our sleek stainless steel Slim Stand is the perfect accessory to support your Swirl Freeze and extend your cabinet space and countertops.

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  • Self-cleaning cyclone jet water wash
  • Hundreds of flavor options
  • Sleek stainless steel exterior
  • Compatible U.S. electrical systems (120V, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, or other requirements like 230V, 50 Hz, 1 Ph)
  • NSF and ETL certifications
  • Optional Slim Stand mount

Ideal for: Permanent installations in new or established food businesses.

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Mobile Combo Freezer

Our compact mobile freezer to bring Swirl Freeze on the road!

The Combo Freezer takes all the great features of our countertop-mounting Swirl Freeze machine and packs them into one streamlined mobile unit! If you need a small freezer on wheels that travels easily for special events or temporary pop-ups, then this is the choice for you. Smaller than our fully self-contained dessert cart, but more mobile than our classic countertop units, the Combo Freezer strikes the perfect balance for temporary displays and events.

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  • Fully functioning Swirl Freeze blending auger
  • Glass canopy
  • LED lights
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Attractive stainless steel finish
  • Storage capacity to hold eight 3-gallon cans

Ideal for: Mall locations, special events, and add-ons to existing businesses.

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A La Carte

Our comprehensive, self-contained dessert cart that can take you anywhere.

Ooh la A La Carte! If you need something that travels well, but the Combo Freezer is too small to make the cut, then our full-size dessert cart is the way to go. It includes one fully integrated Swirl Freeze blending auger, pull-out sinks, plenty of freezer and storage space, and large customizable graphics panels so that your brand is front and center. The A La Carte is sure to attract dessert seekers near and far, wherever you are — whether you’re catering an event or setting up a display at a parade.

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  • Fully functioning Swirl Freeze blending auger
  • Customizable branded graphics panels
  • Glass sneeze guard
  • Cold plate freezer
  • Turnkey
  • Pull-out sinks

Ideal for: Catered events, festivals, street fairs, parades, parties, and other special events.

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