Swirl Freeze Corporation began production and sales of its Model B ice cream/yogurt blending machines in 1990. Earlier development work led to the establishment of Swirl Freeze Corporation with the goal of producing the highest quality and most advanced auger blending machines in the world. Many unique patented features were awarded to Swirl Freeze by the U.S. and foreign governments. In addition, the distinctive Swirl Freeze trademark name and various applications were awarded full copyright protection.

Swirl Freeze has continued to advance the art of auger blending ice cream, and yogurt with mix-ín ingredients over the years. ln 2007 Swirl Freeze introduced the Model D Combo blending machine as a result of continued innovation leading to new patented features which further enhance the versatility and productivity of the machines.

lt is the philosophy of Swirl Freeze Corporation that thoughtful and prudent buyers of this equipment want the best and most efficient product to support their own business plans and won’t settle for less. We believe our many customers are a testament to this philosophy.

We invite you to study our machines-then imagine the products and profitability you can realize with your own Swirl Freeze blending machines